Food baskets are unloaded from a speedboat.

DALAT: A total of 192 people at 10 longhouses in Nanga Boah near here recently received their share of federal food aid.

Baskets containing essential food items were delivered by river, Batang Oya, and coordinated by Mukah Division Disaster Management Committee.

It took the delivery team one and half hours using speedboat from Dalat bazaar to reach the drop-off point at the jetty of Rumah Balin Gema.

In the team were Dalat administrative officer Mathew Hubert, Payong Jakong (representing Mukah Parliament Service Centre) and Mukah Youth MP Mohd Tarmizi Karnain.

The 10 longhouses that received the aid were Rumah Balin (10 units), Rumah Duah Entinggi (20), Rumah Tulu Sli (26), Rumah Bala Umba (22), Rumah Iman Janggot (11), Rumah Abus Junau (40), Rumah Buan Jingai (26), Rumah Lawai Abon (20), Rumah Langit Nayeng (11), and Rumah Changai Ugot (six).

The special assistance was distributed through Mukah MP Datuk Hanifah Hajar Taib to the needy in Tellian, Balingian and Dalat constituencies.

Nanga Baoh is in Tellian constituency under Mukah parliamentary area which also covers Balingian and Dalat.

Prior to this, similar assistance had also been given to people in other areas in the three constituencies.