1,000 jabbed at Dewan Panglima Rentap

Recipients are briefed before their vaccination.

KUCHING: One thousand Betong residents yesterday received their jabs at the Dewan Panglima Rentap vaccination centre.

Dr Azam

The coordinator of the centre, Dr Mohd Nur Azam Ibrahim said for the past three weeks, the centre had vaccinated employees of companies and agencies operating in the district, as well as villagers and longhouse folk. 

“Today, 347 people received their first vaccine dose while 653 people received their second dose.   

“Overall, most of the residents in Betong town have received at least the first dose.  After noticing so many people had been vaccinated, those who were previously reluctant to receive the jabs finally changed their minds and wanted to be vaccinated as well,” he said.

Dr Azam explained that these people would be added to the list of potential recipients and would be called if any recipients were absent for their vaccination.

Besides going through the Ketua Kaum (KK) and Tuai Rumah, the Betong Divisional Health Office team also used social media to inform  recipients of their vaccination dates, he explained.

Dr Azam said he was happy with the smooth vaccination rollout at Dewan Panglima Rentap.  

“We began our operations as early as 8 am with 35 health workers for each session.  They include medical officers, assistant medical officers, nurses, administrative staff as well as MyVAC volunteers, members of the Civil Defence Department and  the Malaysian Volunteer Corps (Rela),” he said in a statement.