1,000 to be vaccinated in Pasai, Sibu

Dr Annuar monitors the vaccination rollout at Rumah Jelian.

KUCHING: About 1,000 residents from over 40 longhouses in Pasai, Sibu will be inoculated by the combat medic vaccination team during a three-day programme.

Education, Science and Technological Research Assistant Minister, Dr Annuar Rapaee said the area was ground zero for the outbreak of the Pasai cluster in January this year which led to a statewide surge of Covid-19 cases.

“Although Rumah Jelian is not where it started, it is near Rumah Langi and this area was among the first to be locked down in Sibu.

“The ruai (verandah) area of Rumah Jelian is being used  for the vaccination  programme and there are armed forces personnel helping with the registration. Here, it is mostly manual registration.

“We thank the combat medic vaccination team for assisting us in the vaccination rollout in Sarawak. Previously, it was at Nanga Ngungun in Kanowit.  After this, it will be going to Kapit and Ba’kelalan,” he said.

Dr Annuar revealed this in a livestream update of the vaccination rollout at Rumah Jelian in Pasai today (July 14). The vaccination programme is currently in its second day of implementation.

Dr Annuar said the Health Ministry was also assisting in the vaccination rollout in Pasai with the deployment of nurses.

“Today, the villagers are receiving their first Covid-19 vaccine doses. I was informed by the physician and the longhouse head that 100 percent of those eligible are getting their jabs,” he said.

The Nangka assemblyman said after the villagers received their vaccine jabs, they would be registered for their second dose appointments.

“Overall, the reception has been good and I congratulate the residents here for being involved in the vaccination programme.

“The villagers have been through a lot and made many sacrifices due to the outbreak of the Pasai cluster in the past. I hope we can stem the spread of the current Covid-19 cases,” he said.