12 longhouses in Kanowit on lockdown

Rh Benjamin Angki in Kemiding is under restricted movement order.

KANOWIT: Twelve longhouses here affected by the Covid-19 Pasai Cluster are on lockdown.

This was confirmed by Kanowit District police chief Supt Tega Bilong when contacted today.

“All have close contact with the Pasai Cluster. Therefore, the residents are subjected to movement restrictions and the longhouses are on lockdown.”

The longhouses are Rh Benjamin Angki and Rh Jelani in Kemiding; Rh Maria Tembaga (Matau, Machan); Rh Tibu House; Rh Engkulau and Rh Roma in Bukong, Jagoi; Rh Anthony Ikus (Pedai); Rh Katerina Kujat (Nanga Sah); Rh Dim; Rh Manggie and Rh Samsudin in Machan; and Rh Jelai in Nanga Tada.

Tega said two People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) members would be on duty in each longhouse, day and night on rotation, while the police would also be monitoring.

The police would be setting up two roadblocks, one at Majau bridge and one at Jalan Durin-Kanowit.

Kanowit District became a red zone after recording 43 Covid-19 cases on Wednesday involving the Pasai Cluster.

The district also recorded one death due to the virus, a 55-year-old man from Kemiding.