Willie in an interview with the reporters.

PADAWAN: Puncak Borneo now has better and wider network coverage as eight telecommunication towers are already fully functional in the area.

Its MP Willie Mongin said through the cooperation of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA), they were currently building 12 more towers.

“I have also applied for 10 additional telecommunication towers for the Puncak Borneo federal constituency in a meeting with MCMC Sarawak in the last two months where the state government has instructed the SMA to assist in the process.

“Aside from that, through the collaboration between the state and federal governments, 19 new sites have been identified by SMA for tower construction in Puncak Borneo,” he said at the Merdeka @ Komuniti programme at Kampung Peraya Padawan on Monday (Aug 31).

Further elaborating, Willie, who is also Deputy Plantation and Commodities Minister, stated that with the availability of existing and additional towers-30 requested by his service centre and 19 by the state government-Puncak Borneo residents could definitely expect better telecommunication and network coverage.

At the same time, he added that satellite-based internet facilities had also been set up at Kampung Karu, Borneo Highlands Resort, Kampung Bratan and Kampung Simuti, all fully functional.

“This system is not to take over the function of telecommunication but to complement it, where they provide internet broadband facility for remote areas that do not have network coverage.”