1,328 food packs sent to flooded areas
By:Margaret Ringgit

MIRI: Marudi Fire and Rescue Department together with the Miri Welfare Department this morning helped to send a total of 1,328 packs of food to 20-flood affected areas in Baram including schools.

However, as at 10.30am today, no evacuation centre was set up yet.

According to Miri Fire and Rescue department acting chief Ahmad Nizam Sapaiee, other agencies involved in the operation were the police and the People’s Volunteers Corps (RELA).

“We were using ‘Kapal Bandung’ (double-decker vessels) in the operation which kicked off at 10am today,” he said.

Those 20-flood affected area are Kampung Lubok Tumau ( 32 packs); Rumah Jipun Tanjong Upar(32 packs); Rumah Vincent Tanjong Upar (68 packs); Rumah Philip ( 52 packs); Rumah Gerinang Long Tasong (22 packs); Long Maro (128 packs); Kampung Benawa (108 packs); Sekolah Kebangsaan Benawa ( 18 packs); Kuala Tutoh (148 packs); Rumah Lajang Linei (58 packs); Rumah Anthony Linei (32 packs); Rh Sumping Linei (90 packs);Rumah Rok Linei (32 packs) ;Long Pahlo ( 58 packs) ; Long Patan (78 packs) ;  Long Ukok (72 packs); Long panai clinic (six packs); Long Panai (258 packs); Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tutoh (27 packs) and SK  Long Panai (nine packs).

Meanwhile, in Marudi, a team of Marudi firemen was deployed to six low-lying areas likely to experience flash floods due to heavy rainfalls.

These areas are Kampung Padang Kerbau ;Pekan Marudi ;Kampung Dagang ;Kampung Baru ;Kampung Narum and Kampung Cina.

Meanwhile, Kampung Long Bemang which is occupied by 530 villagers are still flooded as of today at 7.23 am.

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