15 locations to undergo EMCO
By:Dania Errissya Ismaili
Bintulu EMCO

KUCHING: Enhanced movement control order (EMCO) will be implemented at 15 locations in Sebauh, Tatau, Asajaya, Bintulu, Maradong, Julau, Sri Aman, Sibu and Kuching.

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC)  on Thursday (June 10) said EMCO would be enforced at Rh Patrick Andin Uli, Sg Serakit, Sebauh and Kuarters Pekerja DD Palm Oil Mill Sdn Bhd, from June 8 to 21.

EMCO at three locations in Bintulu from June 9 to 22 are Kuarters Pekerja Air Marine Cargo, Rumah Sewa Pau Timber, KM5 Jalan Bintulu-Miri and Bilik Sewa Atas Kedai Eden.

“The two locations in Sri Aman are Rh Wilson, Kampung Gran Stumbin, Tanjung Bijat, and Rh Mathew, Kampung Gran A Stumbin, from June 9 to 22.”

In Sibu, Rh Grace Itun, Sungai Salim and Rh Pinggan, Sungai Salim will be placed under EMCO from June 12 to 25.

In Tatau, the locations are Rh Maring Gelagai, Ulu Sangan and Kuarters Pekerja Company Pekerja Permata Ramah, from June 9 to 22.

“Rh Rabong, Sg Lemayong, Bintangor in Maradong is under EMCO from June 10 to 26.

“Meanwhile in Kuching, Kampung Kolong 2, will undergo EMCO from June 11 to 24. Kampung Tambirat in Asajaya will also undergo EMCO for the same period.”

On another note, SDMC said the EMCO in Tatau at Rh  Kanyan Abok, Sg Penyarai, Kakus would be extended from June 11 to 24.

Rh Lingga Sungai Selangan in Sarikei will also continue EMCO, from June 12 to 14.

Meanwhile, SDMC said EMCO had been lifted in Bintulu at BBC Plantation Sdn Bhd, Bintulu on June 8 and S4-S5 Foreign Lodge, L2-L3, Local Lodge, The Tulu, Bintulu, Rumah Sewa Leader Garage, Rh Nompang Banda, Dg Dujan, Pandan, Bintulu on June 9.

“EMCO at Rh Suntie, Kampung Sebujok in Sri Aman was lifted on June 9 while three locations in Kota Samarahan – Kampung Empila, Kampung Stakan Melayu and Kampung Sindang Baru, ended on June 10.”

“Meanwhile in Asajaya, EMCO at Kampung Jaie, Sadong Jaya ended on June 10. Two in Sarikei – Rh Keli, Sungai Minus, Jakar and Rh Sabah, Sg Selangan, also ended their EMCO on June 10.”

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