18,908 jabs administered — great enthusiasm from Marudi and Beluru folk

Recipients in Marudi.

KUCHING: The vaccine rollout under the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NCIP) in the districts of Marudi and Beluru held today at the Dewan Suarah Marudi vaccination centre (PPV) was well organised and managed successfully.

Local Government Assistant Minister Datuk Dr Penguang Manggil lauded the cooperation by the residents who turned up to get their vaccine jab.

“As of now, the Dewan Suarah Marudi vaccination centre (PPV) has administered a total of 11,685 vaccine doses to first dose recipients and 7,223 to second dose recipients.

“At the same time, the Dewan Masyarakat Tinjar PPV and other health clinics in the rural Tinjar area have administered a total of 8,544 vaccine doses to first dose recipients and 1,818 to second dose recipients,” he said.

He said this on a Facebook page today commenting on the current progress of vaccine rollout in districts under the constituency.

“Thank you to all PPV staff and all the residents who have given us their cooperation,” he said.

The Marudi assemblyman added the aforementioned recipients did not include constituents who have received their vaccine jab at Long Lama PPV and Bekenu PPV.

In a separate post, Penguang commended the role of non-government organisations (NGOs) in humanitarian and welfare activities within Miri.

He said this following a meeting held by the Miri Division Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) with the NGOs.

“I am impressed with the enthusiasm and seriousness of the NGOs involved, not to mention that many of them are youths with various backgrounds,” he said.

He said the government is open to their opinions and welcomes all the feedback concerning joint efforts in providing continuous assistance to those in need.

“With the opinions and feedback received from all of you, we can find new ways (formulate strategies) to work together. We truly appreciate your contributions,” he added.