Penguang (second left) presents a land confirmation letter to a recipient.

KUCHING: A total of 195 landowners have received their land confirmation letters from the Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA) for the year 2020.

Local Government Assistant Minister Datuk Dr Penguang Manggil said the landowners are from Rumah Engkang, Rumah Jawan, Rumah Jana, Rumah Marinda, Rumah Sender, Rumah Peter, Rumah Kompeni, Rumah Boniface Bangkong and Rumah Francis in Marudi.

“For the year 2020, a total of 195 landowners have received their land confirmation letters involving 416 lots that are 1,473.24 hectares in size.

“Meanwhile for the year 2018 and 2019, a total of 374 land confirmation letters were presented to landowners from Rumah Mathew, Rumah Henry, Rumah Takang, Rumah Kalong, Kpg Matek, Rumah Enggie and Rumah John Merikan.

“These involved 724 lots with a size of 2,749.88 hectares,” he said in a Facebook post on Friday.

Earlier on Friday, the Marudi assemblyman attended a ceremony to issue land confirmation letters to participants of PJP Pelita Ulu Teru Plantation Sdn Bhd Joint Venture (JV) at Rumah Francis Ginda in Tanjung Mawang Teru.

“The land confirmation letters for JV participants was provided by the LCDA and was done by accredited surveyor. This serves as a record or a written evidence of land ownership for project participants.

“The land confirmation letters will also be used as reference for the Land and Survey Department for gazette purposes,” he said.

During the ceremony, a total of RM85,852.50 in ex-gratia payment was presented to 18 longhouses in the area.

Penguang also presented Minor Rural Project (MRP) grants to village safety and development committees (JKKKs) in the area — JKKK Rumah Francis Ginda (RM15,000) and RM5,000 to its Women Bureau.

Also receiving the grants were JKKKs of Mathew Sigat (RM15,000), Rumah Abok (RM15,000), Rumah Takang (RM20,000), Rumah Jeff Anchum (RM10,000) and Rumah Jinggau, (RM5,000)

A total of RM10,000 was also presented to the Women Bureau of Rumah Jinggau and another RM10,000 to the Parent Teacher Association (PIBG) of Sk Sungai Bong.

Penguang also doled out Sarawak Poor Home Improvement Project (PPRMS) grants to JKKKs of Rumah Lingga (RM24,000), Rumah Sebau (RM9,000), Rumah h Banyah (RM39,100), Rumah Henry Gomez (RM49,300), Rumah Engkang Sg Kerap (RM23,000) and Rumah Labo Sg Seputi (RM19,000).