198 find jobs at career carnival

Job seekers attending open interviews held during the career carnival at Selangau.

Selangau District Officer, Inting Nyami (right) hitting a gong to declare open the career carnival at Selangau.

Job seekers applying for a job through JobsMalaysia at the career carnival held at Selangau.

SELANGAU: A total of 198 people found jobs at the    career carnival held here on Thursday. The State Labour Department organised the career carnival which took place at the  multi-purpose hall here.

The carnival held in conjunction of “Program Jelajah Kerjaya Kenyalang” 2017 series 1, took place from 11 – 19March.

There were 726 job vacancies at the carnival which was participated by 21 employers. 1,177 people  visited the carnival.

Nine categories of jobs were offered, namely, legislators, senior officers and managers   (25 vacancies), professionals (55), technicians and associate professionals (94), clerical workers (29), employment service workers, shop workers and salespersons, other categories including  skilled agricultural and fishery workers (40), carpentry workers (121), engine plant operators and installation workers (86) and basic jobs (85).

Meanwhile, Selangau District Officer, Inting Nyami welcomed the arrival of the “Kembara Convoy” led by Sarawak Labour Department’s Deputy Director, Sulaiman Ismail.

The convoy was participated by 10 departments/agencies under the Ministry of Human Resources, three employment agencies and a employer who conducted interviews at all locations of the carnival.

Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas will close the carnival in Debak today.