20 Bawang Assan roads repaired

Lau (left) inspects some of the work done by the contractors of SRDC and DID.

SIBU: Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) is doing road maintenance work in Bawang Assan state constituency at a cost of RM4.4 million.

Former SRDC deputy chairman Senator Robert Lau said, “It involves 20 roads. The work started after the State Disaster Management Committee gave the green light for contractors to carry out the work.

“Work is expected to be completed in a few months’ time. The fund is from Marris (Malaysian Road Records Information System),” he told New Sarawak Tribune today.

Lau revealed that the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) had also engaged its contractors to clear some drains, including a storm drain along Tai Sing Road here.

Lau was on the ground to inspect some of the work by the contractors of SRDC and DID.

He also visited some of the residents in Sungai Bidut and Empawah.

He was accompanied by Councillor Tang Tung Kwong and Kapitan Chew Hoo Kiong and some local residents.


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