Neng Kho Razali
Veronica Atrasia

The new year provides us a clean slate of paper to live anew, hence closing an old book to open a new one. Most would usually aim to write their story better than the previous years, while some, content with their current state, aims to either maintain it or a just a slightly better ones.

Over the years, we have heard friends around us making new year resolutions, hoping to achieve them before the chapter closes. While we have heard ridiculous ones, we have also heard ambitious ones. Nonetheless, each resolution was created with hope.

As we close the book on 2018, we also welcome a new book – the year 2019. These four individuals willingly shared their 2019 resolutions with New Sarawak Tribune.

Neng Kho Razali, 34 years old 

Confessing having a bad memory, Neng Kho relies on personal notes, and as she checked through the notes, she had not quite achieve her 2018 resolutions made last year. However, within the year she had achieved one of her resolution from the year 2015, that is to produce her own fabric. “I have made few designs for exclusive clients’ uniforms and a range of scarves for my own brand,” she happily shared.

For her 2019 resolution, she disclosed there are two in the list. Firstly, to expand her brands (Neng Kho Razali and HIDA-YEAT) to the international market by getting more involve with international trade shows, fashion shows and online platform.

“Since both my brands are carrying the Borneo identity, it is aligned with the Visit Sarawak 2019 campaign. By promoting the two brands, I will also be able to promote my beloved Sarawak too,” she said.

Secondly, Neng Kho hopes to be fully equipped for the digital economy era by upgrading her brand’s websites with e-commerce features.

Harith Izzuddin
Justine Yong Jenj Qhinn

To her, resolutions are important to serve as a milestone of what she hopes her life will unfold to, “Resolutions act as a guidance and to help us to set priorities in life, as we sometimes get carried away with current issues and unnecessary desires.”

Veronica Atrasia, 24 years old

Meanwhile, this happy-go-lucky Iban-Bidayuh lass just wants to be happy as she go through the year. “I don’t need to be too happy, just enough. And as long as I get to keep on doing things that makes me happy.”

She also holds on to her faith, “Each year I know God loves me because I am able to live a content life. I am able to get what I want despite not being perfect.”

Her resolution for the year 2019 is to get married. However, if it does not happen, Veronica hopes to travel and get to know other cultures. “I also want to learn a new language and learn to dance too!”

In her opinion, creating a list of resolutions is important. “That is because without those resolutions, our life would not have any meaning. It is like a road without traffic lights or signage.”

Justine Yong Jenj Qhinn, 22 years old

Young businesswoman and an ambitious one, Justine shares that it is important to list out resolutions as she could properly focus on her goals and it will able to motivate her to be better each year. “I want to look back at each year and see what I have accomplished and set a higher standard each time to challenge myself that I can achieve what i want to do if I focus on it.”

She shared that though she had achieved most of her 2018 resolutions, she is only proud of one. “I challenge myself to quit my job and manage my business full-time. Best decision I ever made because it made me concentrate on one thing at a time and to see my business grow when I put my focus in it has been rewarding.”

“12 months of what ifs and no fixed salary as a security blanket to fall into was very challenging and it taught me to manage my time, money and it fuelled my desire to succeed.”

As for 2019, the year will see Justine open a milk tea shop to add onto her list of businesses.

Harith Izzuddin, 24 years old

In 2019, Harith plans to fulfill his childhood wish in becoming known for his work of art, to be acknowledged for his creation in the music industry and the world of journalism.

“I can never find an alternative source of fuelling up my adrenaline that holds even close to the thrill of performing music live or the thrill of receiving commendable gestures within a large audience,” he stated his reasons.

He continued, “Initially, my main new year resolution was to live a life without anchoring to the stigma of the past. Sometimes we fail to acknowledge the baggage we are carrying with us due to a strong inclination of denial and ignorance and well, ultimately it became a reality the moment I step foot in my new life in Selangor.”

“It’s been such a long time since I last felt the surge of excitement coursing through my veins, pulsing the adventurous part of me into breaking free from its confinement. By then, I knew I made the right choice to help myself in realising my ultimate goal of the year which is to create a new experience for myself, out of my comfort zone, my jungle.”

In his opinion, though creating strings of resolutions are cliche, it is important to keep track with lifelong goals and to remind each individual of what is important before the year ends.

“We tend to lose track of our time and objectives when things get a bit out of hand thus leaving us forgetful of our purposes in the process. Regardless of so, never forget the goals you have set for yourself in life and may your new year resolutions be the focal point in remembrance,” Harith ended.