Robert Lau Hui Yew

SIBU: Senator Robert Lau has welcomed the plan to have the whole of Sarawak fully electrified by 2025. 

“In order for Sarawak to be a developed state by 2030, we need electricity to reach every corner of the state. Credit must be given to the present government and past leaders who spearhead this development.

“We will also need to have treated water to reach every community,” he said.

“Electricity improves quality of life, provides communication services, health, education and entertainment as well,” said Priscilla Seli, welcoming the news to ensure that the rural populace enjoy this basic need.

Anis Dana said the majority of households in rural areas had yet to receive electricity supply.

“With this plan, children will be able to study better and can use computers for their education with 24-hour electricity supply,” she said.

Lester Chilie also said it was a good plan by the government to make the whole of Sarawak fully electrified by 2025. 

He said villages yet to be linked by proper roads would get to have electricity supply connected.

Layam Mantok expressed her delight with the government’s plan as it would help to ease the difficulties faced by rural folk.

“With 24-hour electricity, the children can revise their school work at night while the womenfolk can continue with their creative and design work like sewing and weaving handicraft at night. This subsequently helps to enhance the academic performance of children and economy of families.”