23 youths decide to help the needy

KUCHING: In an effort to lighten the burden of the needy during Ramadan, 23 Sarawakian youths at Wan Bynun Boutique, China Street here have banded together to initiate a charity programme.

Under the charity programme, the youngsters spent their time collecting donations from the public for distribution to the less unfortunate.

This year, the programme will be held at Kampung Semariang Batu, Zone 9 where the donated items will be distributed to 20 needy families.

“We feel responsible for our community, especially those who are less fortunate than ourselves,” said the group founder Wan Muhammad Qayyum Wan Zaizodin, 25, when met by New Sarawak Tribune, recently.

“This voluntary activity during the holy month of Ramadan actually started since last year where we managed to collect a total of RM4,126 from public donations for distribution to the needy,” he added.

Noor and Wan Muhammad (left) during a visit to Kampung Semariang Batu, Zone 9, recently.

The group’s activities are carried out throughout the Ramadan month where the donations are distributed in four phases.

A member of the group, Noor Zaeim Fadli, 25, said that the donations could be in various forms depending on the donors.

“Initially, what we gathered consisted of clothing, prayer mats, the Holy Quran and household goods. We have to plan properly so that the donated items can be distributed fairly.

“Hence, we have decided to distribute the donations in phases. The first phase involves the distribution of clothing, while phase two and three involve food and beverages. The last phase involves household goods,” Zaeim explained.


Another member, Kasmini Kaiyisah Kasim, 23, said she joined the group to inspire girls to leave their comfort zone.

“I urge girls to get more involved in charity activities and to be pro-active. Try to change the general perspective which assumes that women are only active during the fasting month and while preparing for the Raya celebration.  In fact, we can do so much more,” she said.

The Ramadan Charity Programme last year distributed donations collected to mosques, the needy, and orphanages in the city.

The programme organiser welcomes all kinds of donations and interested donors may call 014 680 8387 or 014 889 3693 for details.

Members of the group posing at Wan Bynun Boutique, China Street, Kuching.