250 in Tatau receive second dose of Sinovac vaccine

Sapia Jelaing after completing her second dose of Sinovac vaccine.

TATAU: Two hundred and fifty residents here received their second dose of Sinovac vaccine at the Dewan Sukan dan Serbaguna Tatau District vaccination centre (PPV) on Monday (June 14).

Sarawak Information Department (JaPen) said the second dose was given to individuals aged 30 and above as well as to people with disabilities (OKU).

It added that the situation at the PPV was organised with no overcrowding.

“The Covid-19 National Immunisation Programme (PICK) for Tatau District is led by Dr Tiong Chong Ying, who is also a family physician at the district’s health clinic. Dr Tiong has carried out the responsibilities with dedication.

“The process was also assisted by eight members of the Malaysia Vaccine Support Volunteers (MyVacs) programme and officers from several government agencies such as the district health clinic, the Resident’s Office, People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) and the police,” JaPen said on Monday.

As for the inability of recipients to show up at the PPV due to several constraints, Dr Tiong said an alternative method was taken.

“An initiative was taken to go to rural areas that have terrible access roads and do not have telephone coverage. On June 12, the Ministry of Health (MOH) prepared approximately 400 vaccine doses for the 18 longhouses.

“The Dewan Masyarakat Punan was in proximity with the 18 longhouses – Rumah (Rh) Ado Bilong, Rh Kiah Najing, Rh Jeffery Kitop Najing, Rh Arjey Kenai, Rh Slyvester Bursuak Angui, Rh Edward Jalin, Rh Tadong Rungan, Rh Micheal Cina Guang, Rh Mong Melinda, Rh Robert Naing, Rh Linggi, Rh Taa, Rh Pawen, Rh Engkulau, Rh Layang Gereman, Rh Malo Jaak and Rh Degom, Nangga Pute.”

Meanwhile, Velasco Kana Richard, one of the officers on duty at the PPV, said residents in Tatau had been supportive of PICK.

“This is good and important as it is one of the ways to overcome as well as break the chain of Covid-19 transmission.”

Sapia Jelaing from Rh Samanggat, Nangga Dia, who is one of the vaccine recipients, said she understood that PICK was one of the efforts for the community to achieve herd immunity.

“I support this programme and I hope everyone will cooperate. This will not only protect our loved ones, but also break the chain of transmission.”

The situation at the Dewan Sukan dan Serbaguna Tatau District PPV on Monday afternoon.