276 frontliners receive vaccine

Dr Wong Kung Yee

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Some 276 frontliners in Kota Samarahan received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine today (March 6).

According to Kota Samarahan health clinic medical officer Dr Wong Kung Yee, these included nurses, health officers, doctors, police officers, and other personnel from various agencies and departments.

He also revealed that 740 people will get their first dose of the vaccine for the first phase of the immunisation programme.

“The first phase of the programme is expected to be completed around April, so we have about six weeks left to do it,” he said.

Dr Wong explained that the first phase of the programme is conducted at health facilities in the Kota Samarahan area.

“When it is time to administer the vaccine to members of the public, it will be conducted at other facilities or at suitable locations so that villagers don’t have to travel far,” said Dr Wong.

When asked about the effectiveness of the vaccine, Dr Wong is confident that it will lower the risk of infection among the public.

“Therefore, we suggest people to get vaccinated without any hesitation. According to those who have already been vaccinated, side effects from it include pain or irritation around the arm area.

“However, symptoms are mild and temporary and are a common occurrence after being vaccinated.

“For other side effect such as allergies, it can happen but we rarely receive reports about it. So far, everything is good in the Kota Samarahan area,” he said.