(Please note that the original copy of this agreement was in Jawi and was translated into English by the Sultan’s men without regards to the rudiments of grammar.)

The era of the prophet on whom be the blessing and peace of God one thousand two hundred and fifty-eighth year in the year A.D. on the twenty-fourth day of the month Jemal-el-Akhir on Monday the time ten o’ clock now at that time Bawa Duli Paduka Sri Sultan Omar Ali Saifudun the son of the deceased Molana Paduka Sri Sultan Mahomed Jemal-el-Aluar puts James Brooke Esq. to become his representive to hold the Government of the country of Sarawak now is the Agreement of James Brooke Esq. that he will follow the regulations customs laws and arrangements of the Bawa Duli and as to the affair and affair with its circumstances of the country of Sarawak he who takes care of it all men not once can make interference in the country if not with the command of the Bawa Duli thus it is with regard to the subjects of all the districts which are other in these coasts not once can Tuan James Brooke Esq. govern or interfere moreover in the country of Sarawak also thus is the Agreement of the Bawa Duli with the Tuan Besar is with respect to the country of Sarawak moreover the Tuan Besar also who is placed as a representative to hold the Government now all races of white men who are other not once can if not with the support of the Bawa Duli together with Pangeran Muda Hossein now if they desire it then they can who to thus now with regard to the subject of the revenue of the country of Sarawak the Tuan Besar becomes responsible (to hand out) to expend every year as gifts to the Bawa Duli a thousand dollars to Pangeran Muda Hossein a thousand dollars to the Patinggi three hundred dollars and to the Boudhar a hundred and fifty dollars and Tumangong a hundred thus on every year now of the country of Sarawak has obtained an abundant trade and has obtained much revenue from the country. Assuredly the Tuan Besar will still increase the (offerings) of gifts of revenue to the Bawa Duli and Pangeran Muda Hossein.

So be it now moreover with regard to the affair of the Runsi of Sapang and the Runsi of Sambok that have worked in the country of Sarawak whether much or little so also the revenue because that thing is not included in the arrangement the Tuan Besar thus is the Agreement of the Bawa Duli with the Tuan Besar which is mentioned in this written contract of the country of Sarawak.

In the year 1258, A.D. 1842.

Commentary: The Sultan of Brunei formalised the transfer of power to James Brooke over the country of Sarawak in 1842. The treaty was silent on whether James Brooke had the right to cede Sarawak to any foreign power.