31st Infantry Brigade Camp to be built in Bintulu

Florence Genta

31st Infantry Brigade Commander, Brigadier-General Dato’ Fadzil Tajudin (centre) posing for a group photo with the Brigade’s officers and rank-and-file. Also seen are operator of Junaco Park Camp Khiu Siong Hii (6th right) and Sibu Police chief ACP Saiful Bahri Abdullah (5th left).

SIBU: The government through the Ministry of Defence will build a permanent camp for the 31st Infantry Brigade and family homes in Bintulu in the future.

Commander of the 31st Infantry Brigade, Brigadier-General Dato’ Fadzil Tajudin said the new camp will house the 31st Infantry Brigade headquarters and 7th Border Regiment (7RS) because currently there is a plan where 8RS and 9RS will be stationed in Sabah.

According to him, it will happen when the 31st Infantry Brigade has sufficient strength to operate.

“So far, we have the strength of 83 officers and 969 rank-and-file which include 5th Battalion RS in the 31st Infantry Brigade.

“The existing battalions are 6RS in Junaco Park Camp, 7RS in Simalaju Bintulu Camp, 8RS in Sungai Rait Miri Camp, 9RS Bumimas Sibujaya Camp, and 10RS Puncak Permai Bau Camp. And all of these are our temporary placement,” Dato’ Fadzil told reporters after launching the second anniversary celebration of 31st Infantry Brigade at Junaco Park Camp on Saturday.

In his speech, Brigadier-General Dato’ Fadzil said 31st Infantry Brigade has received a total of 72 family homes in Oya Camp and 91 family homes in Sri Miri Camp with an allocation of RM1.8 million.

He said logistic needs and other requirements are being actively implemented for all under the auspices of the 31st Infantry Brigade.

“I hope that with the family homes, the 31st Infantry Brigade personnel will be more comfortable while living with their families,” he said.

He also hoped that military assets would also be complemented from time to time to enable the 31st Infantry Brigade under him to fully operational.

“Thus, I called on all 31st Infantry Brigade personnel to continue to acquire knowledge and equip themselves with military skills. Use the knowledge you gained from courses organised,” he said.

During the function, Dato’ Fadzil also presented a certificate of appreciation each to an officer and four army personnel who successfully lost weight in the Body Mass Index (BMI) Programme and presented a rank to a rank-and-file personnel.

A total of 23 army officers and 201 rank-and-file personnel involve in the parade in conjunction with the 31st Infantry Brigade 2nd anniversary held at Junaco Park camp here on Saturday.

The parade involved six detachment comprising the Brigade headquarter and five units under the auspices of 31st Infantry Brigade headed by Lieutenant Colonel Mohd Azri Sulaiman.

Operator of Junaco Park camp Khiu Siong Hii and Sibu Polcie Chief ACP Saiful Bahri Abdullah were among those present.

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