32 straight-A scorers out of 167 candidates

Straight As students proudly show off their results. Fr Francis Lim is seen at the back.

KUCHING: St Joseph’s Private School here achieved a total of 32 straight-A scorers in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2019 results — the school’s highest record thus far.

In this batch, there were 167 SPM candidates and they achieved a school average grade (GPS) of 2.85 and a passing rate of 98.8 percent.

In 2018, there were 162 candidates and 30 straight-A scorers, with a GPS of 2.82 and a passing rate of 97.5 percent.

School principal Father Francis Lim expressed happiness with the 2019 results, describing it as a great achievement.

“The only sad thing is we do not have any student with straight A+’s,” he said when met at the school during the release of the SPM 2019 results Thursday.

He explained that the Pendidikan Moral (Moral Studies) subject was the primary culprit behind it, saying it was likely due to the change in format for the paper last year.

“There is only one student who managed to get an A+ for Pendidikan Moral. However, there are many students who scored A for the subject,” he said.

He thanked all the teachers for their hard work in achieving the excellent results.

Lim hoped to see his students grow up to be well-rounded and not just be high achievers academically.

“It is a balance between academic aspects and also extra co-curricular activities, as well as integrating human values,” he said.

He listed Bahasa Melayu (BM), English, Mathematics, Science, Literature In English, Pendidikan Seni Visual (Visual Arts), Business, Physics, Biology, and Chinese as subjects with 100 percent pass rates.

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