335 SMK St Augustine, Betong students get first dose

Zuraidah (front, centre) with SMK St Augustine principal Ujai Sambau and Betong education officers at the Dewan Panglima Rentap PPV.

BETONG: The National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK) for ages 18 and below kicked off here with 335 students from SMK St Augustine receiving their first dose of the vaccine at the Dewan Panglima Rentap immunisation centre (PPV).

The Information Department (JaPen) said the first day of vaccination — Friday (Sept 10) — for teenagers aged 16 and 17 went smoothly.

According to SMK St Augustine liaison officer Zuraidah Rasti, the school collected data on students born in 2004 and 2005 in preparation for the programme after being notified by the Betong District Education Office.

As a teacher, she believed that, in addition to serving as a preventive strategy against the virus, vaccination assured that the school environment would be safer.

Dewan Panglima Rentap PPV coordinator Dr Mohd Nur Azam Brahim said they were also prepared to assist teenagers aged 16 and 17 for walk-in jabs.

“We are prepared to administer walk-in vaccinations to teenagers who attend school outside of Betong District but are now in this district, as well as teenagers who are no longer in school.”

PICK will be extended to students from SMK Ulu Layar and SMK Datuk Patinggi Kedit on Sept 12 at the same PPV.

Students from Betong Vocational College will be vaccinated on Sept 13, SMK Saribas on Sept 15, and SMK Spaoh on Sept 16.

SMK Pusa students will receive their injections from Sept 13 onwards at Dewan Kalok, Pusa.