SIBU: Sibu Hospital Blood Bank had approximately 4,500 donors contributing 7,485 pints of blood in 2017.

Assistant Information Officer of Blood Procurement & Transfusion Services of Sibu Hospital, Lily Sinta said this in a press statement yesterday.

“Now, if each of the 4,500 donors donates blood twice a year, we can have 9,000 pints of blood easily in our blood bank. That will be more than enough for our use, and will benefit other hospitals as well.

“The holiday season is almost upon us and many people are in need, a need that many tend to forget, that is, the need for blood. That need never stops,” she said. 

During the holidays, Lily said the demand for blood goes up while donations go down. 

“Our record shows blood collection goes down by 30 per cent for fasting month and holiday season,” she added.  

According to her,  travel, family activities and changes in routines affect blood collections.  

“This holiday we have fasting month, rolled in with the Gawai festivities, and the run up to the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festivities as well as the school holidays.

“This makes it even more difficult to collect blood. It seems like once the holiday gets rolling people get busy; they don’t have time to donate or they think they don’t have time to donate,” said Lily. 

Thus, she said that the goal now is to try and have enough blood of all blood types, and  to make sure that they have adequate blood supply for Sibu Hospital.

“And if we have enough in our stock, to help our six periphery hospitals, namely Kanowit, Sarikei, Daro, Kapit, Saratok, and Mukah as well, especially for platelet supply. It is our hope that people will make the effort to donate blood during the holidays,” she explained. 

For blood donors who prefer to go to Blood Bank at Sibu Hospital, they can come to blood donors for blood donation on Monday-Thursday (8am – 12.30pm, 2pm – 4.30pm), Friday (8am – 11:15am,  2:15pm – 4:30pm) and closed on Saturdays,  Sundays and Public Holidays.

For the coming holidays Blood Bank will be opening counters on 29 May (Wesak Day) at Star Mega Mall, Orange Zone from 9am until 2pm; 1 June (Gawai Dayak) at Delta Mall from 9am until 2pm; 3 June (Sunday) at Delta Mall from 9am until 2pm; 14 June (Thursday) at Star Mega Mall from 2:30pm until 7pm. 

“Thus, we appeal to the Sibu community to support the above programmes. Give the gift of life; save someone during this holiday time,” she said. 

For more information, please call at 084-238802 (Blood Bank direct line).