Theng (fifth right, back row) with Diana (on Theng’s right) and the participants at the zumba programme.

SIBU: About 50 participants from all walks of life have enlivened the ‘Zumba Chugether’ programme which took place at a zumba studio near Ding Lik Kong Lane 12 here today (Sept 22).

The 90-minute non-stop programme was jointly organised by D’Fitness Studio and Flylab Athelantic.

Speaking at the opening of the programme, Kapitan Theng Swee Ming said such event not only helps to improve physical fitness, but to also form healthy body muscles.

“Health is a priority at the moment and such programmes should be continued.

 “In addition to creating a healthy community culture, it can also strengthen friendly relations among participants regardless of race, religion and age,” he said.

The zumba programme was held in conjunction with the celebration of Diana Hamandang’s fifth anniversary as a zumba instructor at D’Fitness Studio.

In her speech, Diana thanked all the participants for the success of the programme.