Madihi (sitting centre) and others at a press conference on Sunday.
Madihi (sitting centre) and others at a press conference on Sunday.

SIBU: After nearly six years since the fire tragedy that occurred in Kampung Dato on June 19, 2013, about 500 victims will gather together in a ceremony on March 30.

The “Kampung Datu Reunion” ceremony will be held at the Sibu Islamic Complex Hall, at 8am.

Organising committee chairman Awang Madihi Awang Pengiran Sulaiman said the programme was inspired by the Assistant Minister of Education and Technological Research Dr Annuar Rapaee.

“This programme is organised by the residents of Kampung Datu Sibu and will be officiated by Dr Annuar.”

“Among the objectives is to bring back the Kampung Datu community to strengthen the relationship among one another, especially the young people,” he said.

He was speaking at a press conference after chairing the committee meeting yesterday.

Madihi added that the programme will also explain to the residents of Kampung Datu about the future of landownership rights of the Malays in the villages and also the retention status of some existing villages.

“This is a large-scale programme as it involves all indigenous people in Kampung Datu and it is estimated that about 500 people will attend.

“As we all know, Kampung Datu is among the oldest Malay villages and has its own history as well as other Malay villages like Kampung Pulau Berendan, Kampung Pulo, Kampung Pak Sanyut and others that may not be known or heard of.

“Therefore, this meeting will at least leave wonderful memories or maybe leave a legacy that will be remembered for future generations,” he said.

Meanwhile, a special exhibition will be held where old pictures showing the atmosphere around Kampung Datu before the fire will be displayed to the public.