BINTULU: Some 60 asnaf (needy) families around here received assistance from the “Jejak Asnaf” programme organised by Extrameal Bintulu.

Its founder, Francis Ngu Hown Hua said the programme received the support of Shell, Bintulu Port Authority, ADAP 4orty Global Sdn Bhd and a rice supply company and others to help identify needy families.

“In the past we organised many programmes for orphans but this time we make a slight difference and look to the needs of the asnaf.

“Besides, it is also for us to experience the hardships faced by the needy who may not even afford to take proper meals and breaking of fast, let alone to celebrate Gawai and Hari Raya,” Ngu said.

He added that the programme was part of the organisation’s annual activities to reach out to the less fortunate locals.

“In addition to fostering friendship, it can nurture excellence to members of Extrameal Bintulu together with the sponsors namely Shell, Bintulu Port Authority, ADAP 4orty Global Sdn Bhd and a rice supply company many others to promote the caring spirit.

“Hence, after five years of having actively involved in organising social responsibility activities, this is the first time that Extrameal Bintulu organised a programme involving asnaf (needy) families as we want to focus on this group,” Ngu said.

He added that since Extrameal Bintulu was established in 2014, more companies, organisations and individuals have come forward to provide assistance to the needy.

Talking about the contributions, Ngu said they are in the form of essential items such as rice, noodles, cooking oil, biscuits, gas cylinders and others.

“Although the contributions are not big, we hope to ease the burden of the asnaf and less fortunate to enable them to perform their breaking of fast and to celebrate Gawai,” he said.