Among the participants partaking in the mutual assist programme at the SDNU Sibu Cemetery yesterday.
SDNU Sibu chairman, Chambai Lindong (third left) and others starting a barbecue kitchen at the SDNU Sibu Cemetery yesterday.

SIBU: About 60 members of Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) Sibu  took part in the mutual assist programme to clean up the SDNU Sibu Cemetery, Chukan Road, in Teku, near here recently.

Tasks peformed by the participants included cutting the grass, cleaning the drains of the surrounding area of the cemetery. Besides that, the members also planted some flowers to beautify the scene at the cemetery.

They also built a kitchen for barbecue meant for public use.

Meanwhile, SDNU Sibu branch chairman Chambai  Lindong said that his committee intended to build a toilet at the cemetery.

“Besides toilet, we also want to build a special place to dispose of waste. This is to prevent people throwing rubbish everywhere,” he said. He therefore reminded the public tomaintain cleanliness at the cemetery.