60 slots left at jab centre

Sri Aman folk registering for the walk-in vaccination at Dewan Suarah Sri Aman.

SIMANGGANG: Sixty slots are still available for the walk-in vaccination at the Dewan Suarah Sri Aman vaccination centre.

According to Sri Aman chief vaccination coordinator, Dr Janariah Jangani, the walk-in vaccination appointments for Sri Aman residents at the centre are from Friday until Monday every week.

“Today (August 8), we have fully vaccinated 42 people with their second dose of Covid-19 vaccine,” Dr Janariah told the Information Department (JaPen) Sri Aman. 

For the Sri Aman division, 52,390 or 67 percent from 79,000 people were eligible to receive the vaccine.

Dr Janariah added that her team had established a mobile vaccination team.

“We will divide our personnel into groups and move to the villages and longhouses. Our target is to vaccinate people with disabilities (OKU) with mobility problems.”

She explained that the mobile vaccination team would work together with the village heads to identify these people.

Sarawak is expected to achieve herd immunity by mid-August or September. 

As of August 5, 87.3 percent or 1,820,528 people from the state’s population of 2.08 million of population had received the first vaccine dose.

69.2 percent or 1,442,606 people had been fully vaccinated.