700 people in Sri Aman inoculated

Vaccine recipients at the observation area.

SRI AMAN: A total of 700 people in Sri Aman district received their Sinovac vaccine jabs at the Dewan Suarah vaccination centre (PPV) here on Monday (July 5).

Dewan Suarah PPV head coordinator Dr Janariah Jangani said vaccination on a walk-in basis was also available in the afternoon on that day for those who did not show up or stick to their appointment schedules.

In a report by the Sarawak Information Department, the vaccination process went smoothly with the assistance of the Malaysia Vaccine Support Volunteers, as well as officials from the Sri Aman Resident’s Office, People’s Volunteer Corps and Royal Malaysia Police.

Luya Sabang, 49, of Entulang Danau, expressed a sigh of relief as she has completed her vaccine doses.

Meanwhile, two friends from Entulang Danau, Reminda Atit, 48, and Luji Maji, 51, echoed the same feeling and praised everyone involved at the PPV for the outstanding services they received.

The registration counter at the PPV.