802 water tanks for Tanjong Datu

Jamilah Anu

LUNDU: The Sarawak government has approved a total of 802 water tanks for Tanjong Datu constituency here.  

Tanjong Datu assemblywoman Datuk Amar Jamilah Anu said 147 out of the total number of water tanks have been approved for the residents of Kampung Stunggang Melayu Baru and Kampung Stunggang Melayu Lama. 

“The Sarawak government has always been concerned about the basic needs of the people, especially those who cannot enjoy clean water supply consistently,” she said in a handover ceremony of the water tanks in Kampung Stunggang Melayu Baru today (Jan 5). 

She said that they are still some villages here that depend on gravity piping systems. 

“Therefore, the state government has provided water tanks for the residents to ensure that they can enjoy continuous water supply,” she said. 

She said the government is aware of the difficulties faced by the people as water supply is always cut off due to the construction of the Pan Borneo Highway. 

“In addition, the state government has approved the water grid project to facilitate water supply, especially in Lundu and Sematan areas,” she said. 

Jamilah added that more development will be implemented in Lundu and Sematan in the next five years. 

“We are also working to improve the telecommunication network here in line with the state’s digital economy initiatives,” she said.