88 hawkers, traders undergo swab test

Hawkers and traders waiting for their turn to undergo the rT-PCR swab test.

SIBU: Eighty-eight hawkers and traders in the Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) areas on Monday underwent the rT-PCR swab test.

SMC chairman, Clarence Ting said those who went for the test were among those who had registered to be vaccinated but were not injected yet.

“All hawkers and traders under the jurisdiction of SMC should undergo the rT-PCR test as it is a new ruling.

“Eleven permit holders from the wholesale and wet markets in Jalan Indah, 51 from the night market, five from the Taman Muhibbah Food Court and one from the Taman Selera Harmoni Food Court have registered for vaccination.

“All traders and hawkers under our administration who refuse and do not want to receive the vaccines are likely be banned from operating this September,” he said.

Ting, however, declined to disclose the number of traders and hawkers who refused to be vaccinated.

He said that the approach was among the proactive measures taken by the council to curb the spread of Covid-19 and make its markets safe for everyone.

“We have informed them of this decision because we want all our traders and hawkers to be vaccinated,” explained Ting.