A fire each in Tatau and Samalaju

Boiler room that catch on fire in the factory at Jalan Tun Hussein Onn.

BINTULU: It was a busy night for firemen in Tatau and Samalaju where they were deployed to put out two separate fires.

The first was last Friday (Jan 8) and it was a control panel fire in a boiler room at Jalan Tun Hussein Onn.

Firemen from Tatau fire station were despatched to the scene after receiving an emergency call around 11.30pm.

Upon arrival, the team reported that the fire caused 50 percent damage to the control panel. There were no human casualties.

The fire was extinguished at 1.44am.

The equipment store in Samalaju that caught fire.

Meanwhile in Samalaju, a store used to keep multi-purpose equipment from an aluminium supplier company went up in flames.

Firemen from Samalaju fire station were deployed to the scene after receiving an emergency call around 12.55am today (Jan 9).

When they arrived, the store was already destroyed and no casualties were reported.

The team successfully put out the fire at 2.50am.


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