KUALA LUMPUR: Thirty four of 54 ministries, departments and federal statutory bodies have attained excellent level in financial management for 2018, said Auditor-General Datuk Nik Azman Nik Abdul Majid.

The Audit Department in a media statement, said from the 54 bodies audited, 14 ministries, departments and statutory bodies were graded good, followed by satisfactory (five) and unsatisfactory (1).

The statement refers to the Auditor-General’s Report 2018 Series 1 on Financial Management, activities of federal and state companies of ministries, departments, agencies and statutory bodies tabled in Parliament today.

Nik Azman Nik Abdul Majid

Nik Azman said at state level, 83 ministries, departments and agencies achieved excellent level, followed by good (69), satisfactory (26), less satisfactory (13) and unsatisfactory (two).

On the audit performance of programmes, activities, government projects at federal and state levels, he said it was generally implemented according to the purpose stipulated but there were weaknesses identified.

Among the weaknesses are delay in the supply of equipment, abandoned construction projects, or falling behind schedule, improper payment cases, weak contract administration, not in accordance to specification and low quality apart from inefficient management of government assets and revenue collection.

To enable corrective actions and improvements made by department heads, the Auditor-General submitted eight recommendations on the financial management of federal ministries, departments and statutory bodies.

Apart from that, 99 recommendations were also presented on various activities of ministries, departments and federal statutory bodies as well as 100 recommendations to better manage ministries, departments, agencies and state government companies. – Bernama