A hotel for your cat

The lobby of Primavet Animal Clinic lobby.

You can house your cat temporarily in a cat hotel when you go on a vacation, move to another home, perhaps, renovate your house.

Primavet Animal Clinic, located at Jalan Depo, Petra Jaya here, is one of the animal clinics in Kuching that offer  boarding facilities for cats based on the international standards from the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM).

Dr Audrey Cheong.

According to its veterinary surgeon Dr Audrey Cheong, customers do not have to worry about sending their cats to the clinic as they will conduct a health check on the felines first before placing them in the hotel.

“Only cats that have been vaccinated and given flea and worm treatment will be placed in the hotel with other cats.

“Cats that are found to be unhealthy will be placed in a cat ward where they will receive proper treatment.  

“Therefore, customers do not have to worry that their cats will mix with unhealthy cats,” she explained.

The movement control order (MCO) has affected business at the animal clinic.

Cheong said only a handful of cat owners, who were really desperate, would be checking their cats in to the premises as the public are currently not allowed to travel or do any outside business for long periods of time.

Meanwhile, in addition to   her official duties as a veterinarian, as a pet lover, she also provides free cat care services for flood victims.

“For flood victims, I provide free cat care services for 48 hours.

“While their cats are under my care, these flood victims can clean their homes without having to worry about the safety of their pets,” she said.

As an organisation that treats animals, Primavet Animal Clinic also provides food outside the clinic for stray cats.

Cat hotel at Primavet Animal Clinic.