A modern twist of Ayam Pansuh at La Promenade Mall
By:Natasha Jee
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KUCHING: The traditional ‘ayam pansuh’ dish or chicken that is often prepared and cooked in bamboo, is synonymous among the Dayak community in Sarawak especially the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu.

But, have you heard of the ‘ayam pansuh’ being grilled or barbecued?

Yes, at Hock Seng Lee La Promenade Mall’s Oktoberfest, one can find a modern twist of the ayam pansuh called the grilled ayam pansuh.

Chef Achang Libat

Behind this unique creation is the no other than famous Sarawakian 31-year-old chef Achang Libat.

“My grilled ayam pansuh is more of a modern twist to our Dayak cuisine. It is ayam pansuh but it is not a soupy type, instead it is grilled.

“The chicken is infused with the aromatic flavours of the pansuh through the suvi method of cooking,” he told New Sarawak Tribune when met at the compound of La Promenade, Kota Samarahan yesterday.

When asked what gave him the inspiration to create such a menu, he said he wanted to try something different to alleviate the cuisine.

“Everybody knows about the soupy ayam pansuh, so I wanted to offer something new for visitors,” he said.

Besides that, Chef Achang also offers another menu which is the Batang Ai Tilapia Fish and Chips.

“All the foods are local, and my dishes come with a side of enoki fries (fried enoki mushroom), and with a milkshake by Cloud 99,” he said.

On the Oktoberfest, he said not only people get to enjoy the festival itself and merry-making, but also get to learn and enjoy the local foods served.

Chef Achang prepares the grilled ayam pansuh.

“For instance, if you go to our local ‘rumah asap’ (smokehouse), they serve the traditional ayam pansuh, but if visitors come here, they can have grilled ayam pansuh.

“Hence, it is a mixture of old and new with a bit of twist here and there,” he said.

At the same time, he said, seeing people of all races going to enjoy the Oktoberfest could create further unity and harmony.

Chef Achang, a Kayan and Lun Bawang, is known for creating local cuisine with a unique culinary twist, and specialises in curated dining.

Meanwhile, The Oktoberfest at the La Promenade is held every Thursday to Sunday, from now until October 9, and starts from 5pm to 12am.

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