A nod to the 1920s

Fara Mas (centre) with her models.

At the F3 Festival 2022, FARAMAS models paraded down the runway wearing gowns in shimmering white, gold, and silver, and also stunning headpieces that paid homage to the Roaring 20s.

Revival of the 1920s roaring style

F3 Festival 2022 was a celebration of fashion, food and family bonding.

It was held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur from September 9 to 11, 2022, and provided a platform for local brands to showcase their latest designs and products in the hope of encouraging Malaysians to support our local brands #Sapotlokal.

This initiative aimed to assist local entrepreneurs in recovering from the pandemic economic calamity and strengthening business engagements with consumers (B2C).

Sheng Tai International Sdn Bhd was the Presenting Sponsor for this event, which was co-organised by Omnia and Element X Strategies Sdn Bhd and was a Keluarga Malaysia initiative.

The fair was a success, with the fashion shows running for three days straight in the afternoon serving as its highlight.

Despite the busy activities of food and products surrounding the runway, the 12 collections by different local designers from Straits Designers Gallery were quite impressive.

Fara Mas (left) checks her model’s makeup work.

New Sarawak Tribune was one of the invited media, and the only newspaper representing East Malaysia.

Yours truly (the writer) will feature some of their collections in upcoming fashion articles; two are from Kuching, while others include a modest brand that sells in Kuching, labels suitable for Deepavali, as well as bohemian and elegant fashion.

So please continue to check out our fashion pages every now and again. If you have already subscribed, you will not miss any!

The first day of the fair featured FARAMAS, a brand in Kuala Lumpur founded by Fara Mas, who holds a Master degree in textile design and is now a full-fledged fashion designer.

Her models walked down the runway wearing gowns in shimmering white, gold, and silver.

FARAMAS’ headgear.

Then came stunning fancy headgears, some of which left the audience in awe.

With her ready-to-wear (RTW) store in Metrojaya, Midvalley in Kuala Lumpur, one might expect only RTW fashion, but Fara Mas decided to create a special collection for a show, similar to what she did for the Straits Designers Gallery (SDG)’s recent show in Melaka.

An interview followed, and I must commend her for being highly organised and quick to respond.

Within 24 hours, I had her photos and answers to my questions about the collection.

Fashion is a competitive business and Fara Mas must have learned a lot from her mentor Bill Keith, a renowned and respected veteran fashion and lifestyle designer in Malaysia who now heads SDG by Sheng Tai International.

As for Sarawakian designers and students, do keep SDG in mind. There are already two Kuching designers who have joined SDG, which is a platform linked to Fashion TV Paris.

Dusk till Dawn Collection

Fara Mas, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Designer of FARAMAS Exclusive Fashion said, “This collection’s concept is a revival of the 1920s roaring style. It was in the 1920s that fashion began to modernise, moving away from the restrictive style of the Victorian era and toward looser clothing and columnar silhouettes. This collection is a tribute to the Roaring 20s, which emerged as a recovery from the previous decade’s global depression. Following the pandemic period, during which our world experienced another depression, both economically and emotionally, it is time to celebrate the liberty of self-expression once more and revolve into a renaissance of art, culture, and lifestyle.”

Her dazzling “Dusk till Dawn” collection features festive and party dresses in a variety of silhouettes. There was a lot of attention to detail and accessorising in this feminine yet elegant collection with a touch of classiness, which ultimately elevated each of her looks into a unique memorable style.

There was also the use of faux fur and feather in a gold, silver, and white colour palette that reflected the glamour of the Golden 20s and its silver screen, while the white represented a new chapter and a fresh start.

Her exclusive collection will be available to the public beginning October at the following FARAMAS outlets:

Kuala Lumpur: Ground Floor, Metrojaya, Midvalley Mega Mall

Malacca: Second floor, Hotel Matra Square

For more information, visit Fara Mas’ Instagram: faramasart

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