A season of thunderstorms awaits

KUCHING: Sarawak can expect a spell of thunderstorms until next week, according to Malaysia Meteorological Department Sarawak.

Forecast department meteorology officer Rachel Aswin Jominis said for the upcoming week, the hot weather that has affected the state will come to an end.

“From our forecast, it is expected to rain in coastal areas all over Sarawak in the morning,” he told New Sarawak Tribune today.

“Meanwhile, in the evening it is expected that few places in the rural areas would experience thunderstorms,” he added.

Rachel said the western, central and northern regions of the state will be affected.

“The western region is Kuching, Samarahan, Serian and Sri Aman while the central region is places such as Bintulu and Kapit,” he said.

“Meanwhile the northern region consists of areas such as Miri, Limbang and Lawas,” he added.

He attributed this shift in the weather pattern to the change of the monsoon season.

“We are now in the inter-monsoon phase, which would affect the weather in the evening until early night,” he added.

“For Malaysia, we experience four types of monsoon, the northeast monsoon, southwest monsoon and two types of inter-monsoon,” he said.

He pointed out that each of these monsoon phases would affect the weather differently as the current phase would bring thunderstorms in the region.

“One of the features of inter-monsoon is that the clouds would only be brief, so expect rains to be short but hard,” he said.

“The inter-monsoon phase normally starts in the middle of March and it is expected to end in the middle of May. The southeast monsoon will follow shortly after,” he added.

Rachel urged the public to visit the MET Malaysia website to get the latest information on the weather.