So PSB is a “true” multi-racial party, therefore will fight for all the races in Sarawak and make sure that no race is left out.

Those guys who have just joined PSB did so because PSB is a “true” multi-racial party where they will champion the cause of the races in Sarawak and make sure that no race is left out.

They left their former parties because these parties weren’t “true” multiracial parties and were not fighting for all Sarawakians but had left out some races from their struggles.

PRS surely was such a party, which was why its vice president left and joined PSB.

But why is PSB a “true” multiracial party and SUPP and PDP less so? I certainly fail to see where they are not the same – I mean as “true” multiracial parties.

PSB’s Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh is Chinese; SUPP’s Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian is Chinese; and PDP’s Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing is Chinese. See? All three gentlemen are Chinese, but how come PSB is “truly” multiracial while SUPP and PDP aren’t?

I think those party hoppers didn’t choose to join PSB because it is “truly” multiracial.

I don’t believe they saw biblical truth in this rhetoric by Soon Koh: “As a party born from the multi-racial aspirations, PSB offers leadership that is meaningful, constructive and responsible for the needs of the Sarawakians. We are committed to helping develop Sarawak into an advanced and developed state in all fields.”

There has got to be other reasons why PSB is their party of choice.

If I were an elected representative fast on my way out because I have been where I am too long and overstaying my welcome, I would join PSB.

Why? Obviously because PSB will give me another shot at the polls – something I cannot anymore even dream of in my old party.

You see, in my old party I had been forced to tell my constituents that the current term would be my last and to bear with me for the remaining months of my time as their wakil rakyat.

I had been told to say things against my conscience, things like asking my constituents to look for a replacement, a much younger person with stamina and the willingness to serve, and to begin grooming him the way I was groomed before.

In my old party, for whatever reason I had fallen out of favour and there was someone actively moving on the ground, behaving like he was a better person than I. That person got into my nerves, so I might as well tell the people I was in my last laps.

But the problem was, even those close to me seemed to welcome the idea of my stepping down at the end of my term.

No one said, “YB, please stay on, we need you still.”

No, instead they said: “Wise decision, at 63 it’s time to do your own thing and you’ll have many years to enjoy your pension.” Bl…y h..l!

Then along came PSB. All is not lost! In fact, by my calculation, PSB is even better than any of the other parties.

PSB is better than any of those other parties in GPS because it is Prime Minister-friendly and GPS-friendly at the same time.

PSB is perhaps the only party enjoying the unique privilege of being able to choose its friends like no other parties do.

Being GPS-friendly does not mean being friendly to all the parties within GPS. And PSB is allowed to do that, which is why I say it has this unique privilege no other parties have.

Someone said Soon Koh and group were enjoying the best of both worlds. I say not quite right.

To me Soon Koh and group enjoy wherever they want to enjoy. They enjoy being PSB. They enjoy being PM-friendly. They enjoy being GPS-friendly. And they enjoy being unfriendly with PRS, SUPP and PDP.

And they are allowed to do that!

Even in its UPP days, the party enjoyed that privilege. All Soon Koh did was to say he supported the chief minister, and the red carpet was laid down for him and his party.

Some days ago Soon Koh was reported as saying those magic words again: “Wong, who is Second Finance Minister, also called on all party members to step up and support the Sarawak government led by Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg.”

Those words worked well during the BN years – support the chief minister at the state level, support the prime minister at the federal level.

Will those magic words work magic on GPS like they did on BN the last time?

Remember, Soon Koh said those words even as he and PSB weakened component members of GPS, which is not good for the coalition.

A weakened PRS or SUPP or PDP cannot be good for GPS as much as a strong PSB brings the coalition no advantage.

Something must be done. And fast.