Dr Siu Yee New

KUALA LUMPUR: University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) researcher Dr Siu Yee New has received a special commendation as one of the most successful young women in SE Asia at the Women of the Future Awards South East Asia in a virtual ceremony held on June 25, 2020.

The judging panel highly commended Siu “as a strong role model with great ambition and potential to further impact society”.

Through multi-disciplinary collaboration, Siu develops technology that addresses the shortcomings of existing bioassays, including protein-drug screening and the detection of cancer biomarkers.

Her goal is to develop cancer diagnosis tools that will improve the experience of patients.

Siu’s expertise in the nano-sensor field has granted her multiple invitations to peer-review international grants and features within international journals.

She said, “The panel’s commendation is a fantastic recognition for me personally. I hope that my expertise and passion continue to enhance my contribution to science across the region.”

The university also congratulated Dr Wan Yong Ho, who was also one of the shortlisted candidates in the same category for Science, Technology and Digital.

Wan is an academic who is determined to contribute to the understanding of cancer, to help people fight the disease. She is also passionate about the latest tech and has recently taken an exploratory leap into agricultural research, with the aim of using her expertise in molecular genetics to improve agricultural productivity in Malaysia. As a research supervisor, Wan nurtures world-leading students and researchers.

Both Siu and Wan made it to the shortlist for their significant contributions in forging new ground in scientific endeavours as well as ground-breaking achievements in the worlds of digital and technology.

The winner of this category was Dr Bee Lynn Chew, Senior Lecturer, Universiti Sains Malaysia for her research on plant tissue culture.

The Women of the Future Southeast Asia programme started three years ago. It is a platform that unlocks a culture of kindness and collaboration among leaders. Its portfolio of events and projects support and celebrate the successes of women.

Led by Pinky Lilani, chair of the Women of the Future Programme the organisation has built a remarkable, informal community of influential women determined not only to build professional and personal relationships with one another, but to be advocates for an exciting new generation of talents.

Chair of the judging panel was Vicki Treadell, British High Commissioner to Australia (formerly to Malaysia). Vicki was conferred an honorary degree from UNM in 2019 and is a known advocate for women’s rights.

This year, the esteemed judging panel was overwhelmed by the range of nominations received from a diverse number of countries.

Although from vastly different industries, sectors and backgrounds, all shortlisted candidates share a humility and kindness coupled with a determination to use their work to uplift communities and truly make a difference.

Pinky said, “Kindness allows hope to flourish and it is a catalyst for change”.