Additional ferry services have travellers relieved over short waiting time.

DARO: The state government has added a few more ferry services at Batang Lassa and Igan in conjunction with Hari Raya and Gawai to decrease the heavy flow of traffic in the area.

A third operating ferry added to the area has decreased the waiting time of the people during the festive seasons who depends on the transportation method.

According to a Matu local resident, Julaihi Materang, 45, the initiative taken by the state government has relieved them from the long wait at the ferry stop.

He added that usually the public have to wait in line for four hours for the ferry service.

“I departed from Sibu at 5pm yesterday and was surprised to find that there was no heavy traffic back to the villages like last year. I was relieved and happy as it seems that our journey back this year would be better,” he said.

Additional ferry services have travellers relieved over short waiting time.

Ali Sirat, 35, a local from Daro said that before the additional ferry service, there used to be a problem heading back to their villages during the peak hours on weekends, school holidays and festive seasons.

He added that since the additional ferry service started on May 25, members of the public need not wait for the ferry for a long time.

“I would like to thank the state government for increasing the number of ferries at Sungai Batang Lassa and Igan,” he said.

Recently, the state government has agreed to add on the number of ferries operating and extend the ferry services operation from May 25 to June 16 to accommodate the traffic flow during the festive period.

Coastal Road Assistant Minister Datuk Julaihi Narawi said that during this period, an additional five ferries were provided at the ferry port at Sungai Sian, Bintangor, Ferry Lawas, Limbang, Muara Lassa, Batang Paloh and Kuala Igan, Mukah.

“These ferry ports will each gain an additional ferry which would operate during the festive season.

In January this year, there were a total of 34,735 vehicles which used the ferry services at Sebuyau-Triso, an increase of 38,549 in February and a slight decrease in March with a total 38,226 vehicles.

As a whole, the ferry services along the state’s coastal roads showed an increase in trend.

In this regard, Julaihi advised the general public or ferry users to always adhere to the rules and cooperate with other users as well as comply with the ferry crews’ instructions on safety.