Address flood woes at Jalan Saput

George points at the poor drainage and thick undergrowth along Jalan Saput.

KUCHING: Habitat for Indigenous and Urban Programme (Hidup) has called on the relevant authorities to address flood woes at Jalan Saput in Kampung Quop here.

Its president George Young Si Ricord Jr said the road was affected by floods, especially during the rainy season and asked the authorities to build an effective flood mitigation drainage system in the area. 

“Besides that, we are also worried that the floods can increase the transmission of communicable diseases.

“I urge the authorities to gather information and identify locations that are often hit by floods and not just look at areas where floods occur in moderation,” he said.

For the record, more than 20 families living at Jalan Saput in Kampung Quop are worried that their houses will be inundated following heavy rain.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the affected residents, Wilson Binet, 58, said flash floods regularly occurred due to heavy rains.

“Flood levels can vary — from a few inches up to a few feet high. In the past, floods have destroyed some houses and made them uninhabitable,” he added.

Wilson said the flash floods were caused by a variety of reasons including a sewer built in a nearby housing area.

The sewer had been abandoned and mosses had also grown thick in the drains. 

Wilson added that he had written a letter to the village head, Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) and the director of the Sarawak State Drainage and Irrigation Department.

“These letters were written about two years ago and until today, we are still waiting for them to respond,” he said.