Adopt modern farming methods

Dennis (seated second left, second row) with some of the programme participants.

ULU BARAM: Adopt modern farming methods to get good yields and improve your livelihood.

This is the message from Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau to rural communities during a two-day programme on the growing of rubber, coffee and vegetables in Long Anap recently.

More than 150 participants from Long Anap, Long Palai, Long Julan and Long Apu attended the event.

Dennis added that the state government was introducing modern farming methods to farmers in the hope of attracting the youth to make use of their inherited land to earn a living to raise their families.   

The state government, he added, was also encouraging Native Customary Rights ( NCR ) land owners  to look at the possibility of  inviting  companies with the means to invest in large scale farming of crops  such as coffee,  rubber, and durian to develop their  land. 

Dennis said in the case of large scale farming, factories were needed to process the crops produced. .   

“With factories or mills nearby, land owners can plant cash crops on their NCR land and sell their harvests to these factories or mills to complement their incomes,” he pointed out.

However, to attract investors, NCR land owners must do their part by having their land documented by the state authority, he said.    

Dennis also announced the replacement of the roofing for the village church and RM10,000 for SK Long Anap’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) to repair a wooden bridge leading to the school. 

He also promised to look at other requests submitted.