Aerial fighting method used to combat bushfires

Scooping water in the ‘bambi’ bucket for aeriel fighting of bushfires.

LIMBANG: Aerial fighting method is being used to combat bushfires in this district which has entered into the third day yesterday (Sunday).

According to Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) Sarawak assistant operations director Tiong Ling Hii, a total 20 acres of land along the Limbang – Brunei Darussalam border were reportedly burned by the bushfires since Friday.

The ‘bambi’ bucket in the right corner during the aerial dumping of water.

Tiong added, on the Brunei side, firemen from the neighbouring country were also being deployed nearby the border (Limbang-Brunei border) to battle the ongoing bushfires.

A team of six Miri Bomba Air Unit led by detachment commander Senior Superintendent Roslan Aziz flew to Limbang yesterday at 9.40am to support Limbang firemen in battling the blaze on the ground.

The Mi17i piloted by Supt Roslan Aziz off to the scene.

The team, aboard a Mi17i aircraft based in Miri returned safely at 1pm after dumping water on the affected area.

The Mi17i can hold 1,590 litres or an equivalent of 1,700kg of water.

“Today we have been flying for four hours and 10 minutes doing water dumping on the bushfires areas,” said Roslan.

The team had dumped water a total of 14 times on the areas affected by bushfires.

Aerial fighting on progress, a total 14 trips of water were dropped during the operation.