Agency needed to fund TV productions

Dr Mus Chairil Samani

KUCHING: A special agency is needed to fund local production projects following the launch of Sarawak-owned TV station, TVS.

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’s Communication Department senior lecturer Dr Mus Chairil Samani said the production projects could vary from documentaries to character animations by Sarawakians.

“It is time for Sarawak to create a special agency to provide funds to encourage the production of documentaries by the people.

“This special fund project was successfully implemented by the National Film Corporation (Finas) while funding the production of the animated film “Upin Ipin Jeng, Jeng, Jeng!”

“A total of RM4 million was financed by Finas under the Special Impact Fund,” he revealed recently.

Dr Mus said fresh production contents would add to the quantities and genres of local contents that could be published and selected for broadcast by TVS for its sustainability.

“Before issuing funds, this special agency, however, must examine each script and its publishing crew’s ability to produce new programmes before approving them,” he said.

The academician said the Sarawak Multimedia Board could provide talents and perform a role similar to that of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) which put new animated benchmarks in the technological landscape.

“The chief minister entrusted the function of TVS as an agent to promote Sarawak abroad. Of course, the cultural, social, political and economic uniqueness of this state will be highlighted.

“This is so that the foreign viewers know and appreciate the residents of this state. God Willing, after Covid-19, they can to travel to Sarawak and this will attract more investors to spread their wings to this state,” he said.

Dr Mus said the cultural richness of Sarawak was a unique material that could be highlighted and TVS through its magazine unit could produce documentaries on the customs and culture of the various races of Sarawak.

“Such publications are in line with the philosophy of a broadcasting organisation,” he said.