The Aiman wet market at Kota Samarahan which will open for business soon.

KOTA SEMARAHAN: Construction works on the wet market situated behind Aiman Mall here have been completed and will officially be open to local traders in the next few months.

Samarahan Municipal Council chairman Datuk Peter Minos said that trading lots would soon be allotted to eligible traders to conduct  business in the new market.

“The lots will be issued as soon as all the infrastructures are ready,” Minos told New Sarawak Tribune when contacted

The Aiman wet market at Kota Samarahan which will open for business soon.

“We will have it officially opened first before it conducts business maybe in August or September,” he added.

He said priority would be given to roadside traders in Samarahan to sell their produce in the wet market.

“We will be inviting those roadside traders at Kampung Entinggan Road on the way to Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) first campus, at the old ferry point and Teck Kong side.”

He added that the municipal council wanted all roadside traders in Kota Samarahan to be properly resettled and located at a safe and convenient area not only for the traders but also for their customers.

“Roadside stalls are posing hazard to motorists and are unsightly for drivers
passing by. We want the traders to make more money at a proper wet market like Market Bandar Riyal.”

Currently, there is only one wet market at Kota Samarahan called the Market Bandar Riyal and the Aiman wet market will be the second such facility in the municipality.