Air traveller held with gold in microwave oven

HYDERABAD: A passenger was held at the Hyderabad international airport with over 2 kg of gold hidden in a microwave oven.

The gold, worth Rs 66 lakhs (MR27.39 million), was smuggled by concealing it in an oven by the passenger who arrived in Hyderabad by an Oman Airlines flight from Dubai on Thursday.

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence said in a statement yesterday that the gold was seized and the passenger detained for questioning.

The yellow metal was in the form of 46 plates coated with silver and fixed in the transformer of a microwave oven.

After melting the plates, 2,045 gm of gold was recovered, it said, adding that it was worth Rs 66 lakhs.

Inquiries revealed that the passenger had received the oven in Dubai and the appliance was meant to be handed over to an unknown person in Hyderabad, it said. – PTI