AirAsia enhances contactless technological innovation to improve travel experience

KUALA LUMPUR: Low-cost airline, AirAsia, has undertaken numerous contactless technological innovations and improvements to enhance travellers’ comfort and provide a hassle-free door-to-door experience while assuring their health and wellbeing as it returns to the skies with Langkawi commencing from September 16.

In a statement today, AirAsia said guests could look forward to a convenient and seamless self-check-in feature that allowed for easy uploading and instant verification of health and vaccination documents via the airasia Super App before heading to the airport, thus, avoiding queuing at the counters or crowding at the airport.

“AirAsia has robust procedures in place to maintain the highest safety standards at all times, including by having only fully-vaccinated flight crew to operate our flights.

“Built-in safety features of the aircraft itself, where the cabin air circulation and filtration provide hospital-grade airflow, ensures flying continues to be the safest mode of transportation, as proven by various international studies,” it said.

It said passengers are urged to follow several requirements before booking a flight to ensure a smooth travel experience including ensuring their eligibility to travel.

“The passengers must check on any travel restrictions or special requirements for travel to Langkawi and other destinations, including health documents and/or travel approval from the Royal Malaysia Police and other relevant authorities as it may change from time to time,” it said.

AirAsia said the airline has made self-check-in mandatory to minimise physical contact and crowding at the airport and counter check-in service would only be available for guests with reduced mobility, those travelling with an infant under 24 months of age and young guests travelling alone.

It said a counter check-in fee would apply to guests who are not specified above.

The airline said guests are encouraged to arrive preferably four hours before departure and must wear a face mask before, during and after the flight.

It added that more information on the newly improved self-check-in service and how to use it to verify vaccination and health certificates could be found at the AirAsia Support Page. – Bernama