Alert neighbours, police before going on holidays

MIRI: House break-ins are amongst the highest cases occurred during school holidays or celebrations, said Piasau assemblyman Datuk Sebastian Ting.

Hence, he advised Mirians to make sure to lock their house’s doors and windows every time they go outstation or for their holidays.

“There are many factors that can lead to break-ins, such as not informing neighbours, relatives or the police before they leave home,” he said in a press statement yesterday.

Ting added that most of the time, break-ins happen when there is a lack of cooperation among the neighbourhood community to monitor each other’s homes.

Another factor is leaving valuable items around the house in plain sight, which can cause others from outside to easily spot them.

Therefore, he urged members of the public to inform the authorities of their absence during the festive holidays.

“The relevant authorities, such as the police, will then patrol the area as well as distribute leaflets on safety guidelines to the public,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Ting also advised the public to remove electrical appliance plugs to prevent the occurrence of a fire caused by short circuit.

“Make sure that flammable tools such as gas cylinders, kerosene and lighters are stored in a safe place,” he said.

In case of emergencies, members of the public can contact the following; Miri Central police station (085-433222), Tanjong Police Station (085-437290), Airport Police Station (085-438522), Lutong Police Station (085-655202), Bekenu Police Station (085-719016),  BatuNiah Police Station ( 085-737223) and Miri Fire Station (085-420991).