KUCHING: Deputy Chief Minister, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr. James Jemut Masing reacted with dismay a report that a group of Sarawakians were told to go back to their hotel and change their clothes first in a Kuala Lumpur mall.

A netizen known as Abam Supir posted on social media that he learned a few guests clad in traditional Dayak costumes for a cultural dance competition that was held in Angkasapuri stopped at Taman KLCC to take photos.

They were chased away by the management and those tourists who wanted to take their photos with them were prevented from doing so and told to go back to change their clothes.

When they were in Petronas building, the same thing happened whereby they were also chased out.

Masing said, “I hope this news is not true. If this is true, then the management of KLCC is not sensitive to the multi-racial nature of Malaysian society that comprises people with different attires, costumes, beliefs and religions. It is most unfortunate that Petronas, a Malaysian national oil and gas company, does not understand nor appreciate the multiracial elements of Malaysian society,” he said.

He added that the chasing away of Dayak clad attires group from KLCC is most unfortunate and regret such incidence should ever occur in
Malaysia. “As a Dayak minister from Sarawak I am very disappointed with such attitude by Petronas!,” he said.