Allow dine-in for two

Typical dine-in scene at an eatery where social distancing is observed. Sarawak now disallows dine-ins in seven zones. File photo: Bernama

KUCHING: Many food operators are urging the government to allow dine-in — at least for two persons — at eateries nationwide in order to prevent more businesses from going bankrupt during this pandemic.

Currently, no one is allowed to dine in at food eateries including hawker centres and coffee shops. Only takeout and delivery services are allowed. This is one of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) under the movement control order to stop the spread of Covid-19.

The public have been informed that offenders caught violating the SOPs will be fined not less than RM1,500.

Below are some public opinions on the dine-in ban.

Muhammad Faizal Nik Aziz

MUHAMMAD FAIZAL NIK AZIZ (Coffee shop owner)

The government should allow dine-in for two people. This will be a great help to businesses that are struggling with their daily operations. Right now, I just provide take-away and delivery services only.  

Siti Baizura Nik Ziz

SITI BAIZURA NIK ZIZ (Coffee shop owner)

During this pandemic, many businesses are seriously affected. That is why I urge the government to allow dine-in for two people only. Many people including those from the business community are depressed because of financial problems and stress.

Mohd Ghazali Abdullah


I believe dine-in should be allowed after we have reached herd immunity. That is why the government should speed up the vaccine rollout. Many businesses are now seriously affected by the pandemic.  

Nur Aqma Jamal

NUR AQMA JAMAL (Private sector worker)

If the cases continue to rise, I suggest that dine-in be prohibited for a while. At the moment, we are worried about the Covid-19 cases. In the meantime, I hope the government can speed up its vaccine rollout. I know some of my colleagues have not been vaccinated yet.

Muhd Ameerudin Azhar


For the time being, dine-in should not be permitted because Covid-19 cases are still high. The only solution is to ramp up our vaccine rollout and once we have achieved 80 percent immunity, it is time to allow dine-in again.

Lydia Joanna Ramon

LYDIA JOANNA RAMON (Assistant engineering officer)

Dine-in should be allowed once Sarawak achieves herd immunity. However, right now, many people have yet to be vaccinated and the number of Covid-19 cases is still high. So I hope everyone will adhere to the SOPs and register for the vaccination.