APM Mukah well prepared for floods

Zuriza (centre, back row) and her staff at the operation control centre.

MUKAH: Mukah District Civil Defence Force (APM Mukah) is always prepared to provide necessary assistance in the event of a flood during the rainy season.

APM Mukah chief Capt (PA) Zuriza Sharkawi said her team, consisting of 40 personnel, is working on a 24-hour shift schedule and is always ready to assist.

She said that APM Mukah also caters for Dalat district.

“The team will be mobilised fully or partly, depending on the situation,” she told New Sarawak Tribune at the APM operation control centre here today.

The centre, which is located at the bank of Batang Mukah in the old town, is equipped with the necessary logistics and manned by a group of personnel.

Zuriza said APM Mukah has four boats, one five-tonne lorry, ambulance and a four-wheel drive vehicle, and also works closely with other agencies and departments such as the police as well as welfare and health departments.

She added that the evacuation centres have also been identified, namely Dewan Suarah Mesra for Mukah, and a multipurpose hall and a school for Balingian.

For any enquiry or assistance from APM Mukah, the public can call 084-874814.