Aquaculture project benefits villagers

KUCHING: Members of the Area Fishermen Association of Kpg Satang Biru at Telaga Air near here have been rearing prawns under the association’s aquaculture project since 2008.

The first phase of the project set up in 2008 covered 65 hectares while the second phase was set up in 2017 covering 25 hectares which included stock ponds.

The farm workers would go to streams nearby every week to catch prawns to breed at the farm for production and consumption.

The prawns caught ready to be processed before they are sold.

Workers catch tiger prawns from a canal using a net near a prawn pond.

A stock pond at the aquaculture project in Telaga Air where prawns are kept and bred for sale and reproduction.

Last year, the aquaculture project managed to produce about 46 tons of prawns worth RM1 million. During a visit by New Sarawak Tribune to the project recently, the farm workers were seen harvesting prawns from the ponds for sale.

The aquaculture project has brought a lot of benefit to members of the association in terms of employment and better income.